You've Seen Glassblowing on the Discovery Channel, Now See it in Person.
Abelman Art Glass Studio is open to the public - please contact the studio for more information on visiting.
A visit to the Abelman Art Glass Studio affords individuals, families, schools, and tour groups the rare opportunity to see the actual glassblowing process up close and personal. You are able to see the 2000 degree molten glass gathered from the furnace and blown into amazing glass pieces by the master glassblower Stuart Abelman. He uses the same techniques that the craftsman of antiquity used, as well as the great art nouveau studios like Tiffany and the famous glassblowers from the island of Murano in Italy. Many people have told us they will never look at glass the same way again after watching a piece being hand blown at our studio and seeing it go through its incredible metamorphosis.
Stroll through the gallery and see the wide variety of pieces created at the studio. Exotic rain forest frogs, vibrant iridescent vases and bowls, lighted sculptures, figurative sculptures, jewelry, paperweights, perfume bottles and ornaments are just some of the wide variety of pieces available in the gallery. The Abelman studio takes pride in creating one of the largest varieties of hand blown art glass produced by any studio in the United States.

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